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    Triathlon training, socials, racing, support and fun in Airdrie, AB!


    Mission – to encourage development and participation in the sport of triathlon through an inclusive and supportive club structure focusing on: group workouts and activities – fun, mutual support and enhancing healthy and athletic lifestyles-ensuring the growth of triathlon in our Province and community.


    Vision – engaging our members in triathlon and multisport activity from beginner to advanced levels, with a focus on camaraderie, personal growth and sporting excellence!


    New to triathlon? Seasoned IM veteran? Just want to come on out for some exercise but not race? The ATC is ALL INCLUSIVE…all ages, experience levels etc. are welcome. Young, older..it does not matter…come join in the fun and make some new friends at the same time!


    Want to learn even more? Drop us a line @ airdrietc@gmail.com and follow us on twitter @airdrietriclub as well as on Instagram…AND make sure you hook up with us on Facebook / Airdrie Triathlon Club.


    Workouts & Training

    The ATC strives to provide opportunities for members to train as a group and enjoy the benefits that come from pushing yourself and achieving your goals. As many members are on different training programs for key races and at different stages in their training and athletic curve, we do our best to support and encourage ALL athletes to come out and join us when they can. The more the merrier…training alone with the tunes cranking can be a good thing, but meeting others, working out together and hitting new levels of fitness and personal success is even better.


    Come on out and join us for fun, inclusive and engaging group sessions. Please note the word “inclusive”…at the ATC, we believe in just that – inclusive, group workouts. While heading out with a group of super fast tri geeks for a ride / run may be challenging and allow you to become faster, most likely it involves getting dropped off the back within a couple of km’s never to see the main pack again. For us, we are all about ensuring a challenging but also supportive environment.


    For our group sessions, we ask that all those attending be registered Alberta Triathlon Association members. Please see the ATA website for further information on becoming a member, or simply sign up for your ATC membership at which time you will be prompted to join the ATA as well!


    What about coaching you ask? We have that covered for you: our very own Sharon Styles and Kiera Gosse are here to help! These two ladies will be working on crafting some group sessions and clinics for the benefit of all ATC’ers. Don’t forget to check out Coach Sharon’s customized programs, one on one coaching, camps and more over at Team TriLife.


    Looking for something in particular when it comes to coached training, group sessions…? Drop us a line and let us know! We look forward to seeing you at workouts and races!

  • Membership


    The ATC is an all-inclusive Alberta Triathlon Association affiliated Club and we want YOU to join us!


    2017 Membership Price: $20.00


    * If you do not have an existing ALBERTA TRIATHLON ASSOCIATION membership you will be required to register for one to ensure you can participate in our ATC group activities and complete your Club membership registration. *


    ATC members can look forward to the following benefits for the nominal cost of $20.00 per annum for 2017:

    • 10% discount off purchases at Tri It Multisport and ongoing “secret sales” for ATC members
    • Cranked – 10% off bike purchases, 15% off accessories and 25% off in store clothing
    • 10% discount off your entry to the Airdrie Triathlon (May 28, 2017) through MultiSports Canada
    • 10% discount off all classes at Luminosity CrossFit & Yoga
    • 5% discount off your entry to the 2017 Wasa Lake Triathlon
    • 25% discount off all services and classes at Oranj Fitness in Airdrie
    • 10% discount off classes and merchandise at PUSH Cycling Studio
    • Priority registration and discounts for coached ATC group training sessions, clinics and camps
    • Access to “members only” training & reference information on our ATC website (to be confirmed in 2017)
    • Opportunity to join us for group workouts including fun runs, bike rides, open water swims and more
    • Access to (and 10% discount off) our ATC gear store…ATC branded tri clothing & accessories to make you the sharpest looking triathlete during training, racing and even when lounging at home

    ** As an incentive, we are pleased to be offering up the chance to win a 10 pack of Adult Passes to Genesis Place…a great place for weights, running, swimming… simply sign up for an ATC membership by January 15, 2017 to be eligible for the draw and your name will be entered to win. Draw date will be January 16, 2017 ** UPDATE - Congrats to Cassandra K. who won the passes!



    1. What will my fees be used for? Great question. They will be used to help offset coaching fees, facilities rentals and costs associated with hosting ATC group workouts. Disclosure of Club financials will be made available in the future once we get rolling...
    2. What will happen with the ATC Facebook page? If I don't register for a membership will I be removed? No, the Facebook group will stay as is until further notice although we truly believe that for the nominal annual membership fee, it makes sense to sign up and take advantage of the value offered. From an insurance perspective, we are asking members to register for an ATA membership as well, which ensures you can participate in group workouts and also offers a host of other benefits.
    3. If I don't sign up until later in the year, will my membership be pro-rated? No, we will not be offering pro-rating...take advantage and sign up early..no slacking!
    4. I have other questions...help? Not a problem, contact us via email airdrietc@gmail.com and we will be back in touch.

    Don't delay and sign up now!


    Once your registration has been completed, you will be issued an ATC membership number electronically. Please ensure you have that with you in order to take advantage of your Club discounts at the merchants detailed above.


    OK, enough rambling - click on the link below and get started!


    Airdrie Triathlon Club Registration




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  • ATC Executive

    Who are we? Well...now that you asked, be afraid, be VERY afraid.

    Scott MacKenzie


    I've been involved with triathlon in a number of aspects for a number of years - racing, volunteering, working with the Provincial triathlon associations etc. I've done a few IM's (MOP kind of guy) in past but nowadays focus on shorter races. I love getting out for workouts such as long rides and runs with others and am super excited to have made such great friends in the sport over the years. I'm looking forward to a great 2017 and plan to actually do more racing as opposed to just training!

    Jill Munday

    Vice President

    I’ve been racing for 5 years now and am hooked! I love that triathlon is a sport that allows you to race along-side pros and first timers. I love the excitement of race day and I love the routine of long rides, runs and swims. I love that my kids can race with us and I love more than anything to watch them race! I only continue racing because it’s fun, it’s challenging, and no matter how difficult it can feel at times, it always makes me smile!

    Jenifer Harmen


    I started running in the spring of 2010 when my daughter was 9 months old. I joined a Strollersize class that combined various exercises with short sprints and walks; it changed my life. I ran my first half marathon in 2012, and in 2014 I completed a full marathon. I knew I wanted to do more, and I had long dreamed of getting into triathlon, but swimming was the biggest barrier holding me back. I started swimming by getting into the pool while my daughter took swimming lessons, and later that year I was taking lessons, joining swim clinics and overcoming my biggest fears of open water swimming. I did my first Sprint and Olympic distance races in 2015, and in 2016 I completed my first 70.3 distance! I truly believe that fitness is a big part of a healthy lifestyle, and it's never too late, and you're never too old to start something new, and to keep setting new goals!

    Sharon Styles Hamm


    I have been doing triathlons for 9 years and have been a triathlon coach for 6. I am NCCP competition level certified as well as a certified personal trainer. As a coach I love working with athletes of all levels! From those looking to finish with a smile on their face or be happy in the swim to those looking to set personal bests or to get on the podium. My goal is to provide quality training and coaching sessions to ATC members. As a triathlete I love competing at all levels! Some of my racing highlights include ITU Standard Distance World Champion 35-39 in 2014, Calgary 70.3 overall age group champion in 2016, Ironman Arizona 2016 2nd place 40-44 and Ironman World Championship 2017 qualifier.

    Kiera Gosse


    My first race ever was a sprint distance at Wasa Lake, BC.

    I repeated that race again the following year and was very much happier with how my race went. I teach spin at Genesis place, and fitness classes at Oranj fitness and do some triathlon coaching for beginners as well. I love to motivate people getting into the sport, or pushing them gently in the right direction towards the sport😀, and will be actively coaching and helping to inspire any ATC members along the way!




    Andrea Elizabeth

    Director at Large

    I participated in my first sprint triathlon 5 years ago and found a love for this sport from the word GO! I am an avid crossfitter and seasonal triathlete, and have competed in Sprints, Olympic and half-Ironman distances. I am so honored to be a part of this club, and to be surrounded and encouraged by so many awesome people. The thing I love most about triathlon is the community; whether you're first or last, fastest or slowest, there's someone there cheering you on and pushing you to do the best you can.

    Shannon Nail

    Director at Large

    I'm a Mother of 2 beautiful kids, love being healthy and working out as well as enjoy my family time. I have been running for over 10 years , on both road and trail. I've also completed an Ironman as well as other triathlon distances and some day plan on getting a few more under my belt. As for my running experience I have taught many Running Room clinics and have had the pleasure of helping many of my friends through their running journey to reach their goals and beyond. I also have a love of ultra running on the trails. I'm working towards one this year, a 50 km in Canmore called the Grizzly Ultra :)

    Sean Munday

    Director at Large

    I have been doing triathlons for 5 years and was the triathlon chair for the 2014 Alberta Summer Games. I am a solid mid packer with hopes to be a solid upper mid packer one day. I have improved my swimming from looking like a hippo to a beluga whale, my biking is solid and my run is dependent on the day. My longest distance to date is the Calgary half Ironman. I am currently blogging about my training for my first full Ironman at https://thequietironman.wordpress.com.

  • Store

    Train, race and hang out in style!


    It's go time!


    The ATC gear store is OPEN for business! Get your training and racing gear now and be the best dressed athlete at the race (check out the stylish ahem, models, in the pic showing off the ATC wind jacket, buff, casual tech jacket..). Here are some important points for you prior to ordering:


    - The store will be open until FEBRUARY 28th. Get your orders in EARLY so that we can meet our minimum requirements. There will be updates as we get closer to closing date to make sure no one misses out and that minimums are reached.


    - Headwear items require a 5 piece minimum order to process. (i.e: 5 buffs need to be ordered in our total club order in order to process that part of the order) So, if you order a buff, we won’t know until other orders have come in to know if the minimum has been met. If it hasn't, that portion of your order will be refunded when the store closes. Order everything you want and we will post status updates.


    - To avoid shipping charges, the entire order will be shipped to Jill's address and she will arrange for pick up of items. The checkout process will ask for your address for billing purposes only, just double check that you have not been charged shipping fees before final checkout. If you have, please contact Jill.


    - A quick FYI that some items fit smaller than you may expect. Please refer to the description of each item for links to sizing charts for further specifics to ensure you get the size you need.


    - Anyone can order from the store! Share the link! Fans need gear as well to cheer on their fave triathlete! Members – you get 10% off (it pays to be a member!) You should have your coupon code by now (via email) and can enter it during the checkout process. If you did not receive it, please contact Jill Munday. After the store closes, we expect the gear to arrive in approximately 6-8 weeks. After that...man, you will be looking spiff on the bike, run, or even hanging out on the couch with a cold one in hand (please, no domestic beverages...only import) ! SO, without further ado , click on the link below to start shopping and fill that cart!




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